You’re NOT too Young to Plan for Long-Term Care – Facts and Tips

Did you know?

  1. You’re probably not covered. Long term care is NOT typically covered by your health or long-term disability insurance.

     2. Government programs aren’t designed to pay for all your long-term care needs. Medicare pays for skilled care and Medicaid only covers the very poor. Government programs often don’t cover care provided in your own home.

     3. Long-term care doesn’t always mean nursing home care. In face the majority of people who need long-term care remain in their own home.

     4. Your health and age make a big difference in what your coverage costs.


1. Buy before age 65. Costs are based on your age at application and go up each year. By waiting to purchase until you’re closer to retirement the cost will be much higher.

2. At younger ages you can lock in good health special savings. You can “lock in” preferred health discounts that won’t change even if your health does.

3. Married couples can save on long term care insurance, even if only one person is protected.

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