Working in the cold

We are right in the middle of winter here in Eastern PA. It is so important to stay warm, especially if you or your employees work outside in the cold.  All it takes is a person’s body temperature dropping to 95⁰ for hypothermia to set in.

Learn the signs of hypothermia and make sure your employees do as well. The sooner you recognize it, the higher the victim’s chances of survival are. Typically hypothermia symptoms are: uncontrollable shivering, slow speech, confusion, slurring and exhaustion. To prevent hypothermia wear appropriate clothing for cold temperatures, stay hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol, take frequent breaks in a warm location and stay dry.  Hypothermia can still occur in above freezing temperatures, especially if the person is damp.

For more information please visit OSHA’s cold stress guide.

Stay warm and safe!

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