Who gets injured on the job?

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “workplace safety” or “OSHA compliance” a million times- probably to the point that these words have lost their meaning. There is a reason workplace safety deserves to be repeated, it’s important! How important? Try 3,063,400 recorded workplace injuries in 2010 and 4690 preventable deaths! (US Dept. of Labor)

A workplace injury can change a life forever. It can result in the loss of a body part, permanent disability, chronic pain, anxiety, depression… the list goes on. Imagine what this can do to a family- everyone is affected! It can cause stress and added responsibilities to a spouse or child, monetary issues and in some cases families will dissolve under this burden.

Not to mention what this can do to work morale. It causes extra strain and stress on the remaining employees, anxiety and loss of production. Companies may face fines or increased insurance costs, decreasing their bottom line. Some companies may have to cut other costs to make up for the higher premiums, fines and lost productivity, eliminating certain resources or even decreasing wages, just to keep the doors open.

So… who gets hurt when an injury occurs? A lot more than just one person! No amount of compensation will ever replace a destroyed quality of life, a limb- or a life.

Work Safely.

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