Washington State Program Dramatically Reduces Lost Work Time

A new study about occupational health care in Washington State shows that improving medical care for injured workers can dramatically reduce lost work time. This study was published in the December 2011 issue of the American Public Health Association journal, Medical Care.  Several years ago, the state established COHEs that are community-based organizations working with medical providers to implement “best practices” aimed at the safe, healthy return of injured works to full function and full employment. Examples of best practices include promptly filing the Workers Compensation claim phoning the employer to talk about the worker’s ability to return to work or a light-duty job, and regularly assess a worker’s ability to do work activities.

Injured workers treated by health-care providers operating under COHE best practices had 19.7% fewer disability days that other injured workers receiving treatment, and a reduction in total disability and medical costs of $510 per claim.

Workers suffering from back strain had a reduction in disability days of 29.5%.


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