Uncovering Waste, Abuse and Fraud in Your Self-Funded Health Care Plan

This October The Seltzer Group is pleased to offer an exciting new event to local businesses. October 7th at the Stokesay Castle in Reading and on October 8th at the Best Western Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, The Seltzer Group along with Health Decisions of Plymouth, Michigan will be presenting “Uncovering Waste, Abuse and Fraud in Your Self-Funded Health Care Plan”.

“This is a great topic that we really haven’t see come to this area yet. It’s amazing how much can get over looked and how many mistakes are made when it comes to a business’ health insurance plan. This seminar is designed to teach local business owners more about waste, abuse and fraud in their own programs… and how to recover that money to invest back into their business.” Steve Stramara, Senior VP, The Seltzer Group.

“We’re really lucky to be able to bring this information to local businesses through our relationship with Si (President, Health Decisions)”, he goes on to say, “being able to fly him in from Michigan to share his expertise is a great opportunity.”

According to Si waste is defined as “any money paid by your plan that was not its liability”, abuse is “any party not honoring your plan interests” and fraud is considered “waste and abuse done with criminal intent.”

One example of this might be ineligible dependents on a health plan- a very easily missed issue. Health Decisions knows this scenario all too well. One of their clients was able to save $67,000 on their plan in one year when it was discovered that 4% of that company’s dependents were actually ineligible, but left on the plan in error.

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Who should attend: CEO’s and CFO’s of 500 + employee firms with self-insured plans

No Brokers


Two sessions, two convenient locations:

October 7, 2014, 9-11:30am

Stokesay Castle

Reading, PA




October 8, 2014, 9-11:30am

Best Western Lehigh Valley

Bethlehem, PA


Cost: $75 (lunch included)


To register: 1-888-366-1000 Ext. 126


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