Swimming Safety

With the warm weather we’ve been having in Eastern PA it’s needless to say that swimming and water activities in pools and lakes is popular. Did you know that every day, ten people die because of drowning? Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe while having fun in the water.

–         Supervise children while they’re swimming. An adult should be within arms length.

–         Make sure an adult who knows CPR is present.

–         Learn how to swim. Adults and children should have some sort of formal swimming lessons. Swimming lessons can decrease the risk of drowning by 88% for children 1-4.

–         Always swim with a buddy especially at places where there isn’t a lifeguard.

–         If you’re swimming in a natural body of water know the weather conditions before swimming and boating.

–         Watch for dangerous waves and signs of a rip current.

–         Avoid alcohol.

For more information about swimming safety please visist the Center for Disease Control and Prevention online.

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Swimming Safety was last modified: August 26th, 2014 by Sarah McGorry