Success Stories- Human Resources 2

A large manufacturing company was out of compliance under the requirements of the EBSA (Employee Benefit Security Administration) division of the Department of Labor. They were misinformed by their accountant regarding the filing of the 5500. After researching the history as to why the company stopped filing, reviewing the filing and verifying with EBSA, we worked with the accountant on behalf of the client. Realizing the error, the accountant was able to file under the delinquent filer program and thus allowing the company to avoid substantial fines and penalties.


A municipality  was not administering FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) . Not only did they have a problem returning a person on leave to work, but they had conflicts within there union contract and health insurance agreements. We immediately trained and assisted the client in administering FMLA. Also, we were able to advise the client on what they needed to address in their next negotiation process to remove the liability that existed. As a result an employee that was out on leave was returned to work in less then the 12 weeks FMLA period and the client is now aware of the potential liability in its current agreements. They are now educated and able to make decisions safely without compliance problems.


 A client was in the middle of a union contract and received a large increases in their health insurance premium. We assisted the client in negotiating a plan with the carrier that reduced the increase to a single digit, then met with the union officials and employees to present the plan. This resulted in an overwhelming YES vote from the employees and the client successfully implemented a new plan saving them $61,000.


 A client (manufacturer) wished to implement a vendor confidentiality agreement for “contracted employees”.  We helped the company by asking more detailed questions to assure this person was 1) able to be classified under the IRS and DOL (Department of Labor) as a “contractor” and 2) that the client had the proper liability coverage by working with their insurance representative. The results were:

1) We determined that one of the contractors to be would not legally be able to be classified as such and must be a company employee – avoiding IRS and DOL violations and possible penalty  2) Determined the a particular line of work the client had been planning to do would not be covered under the additional insured clause. They were saved from compliance issues, potential fines, and an uncovered risk.

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