Success Stories- Group Health

An employee of one of our clients could not obtain coverage from their health carrier for life sustaining durable medical equipment used to control diabetes. The Seltzer Group worked on behalf of our client and their employees corresponding with the doctor and health carrier to get the bills approved. After several appeals from The Seltzer Group, the carrier finally agreed to pay. This resulted in the reimbursement of the claimant for $6000.


 A client neglected to notify the insurance carrier of an enrollment of a newborn to be added to their father’s plan during the qualifying time. Due to this the child was out of eligibility and there was the potential for significant uncovered medical expenses. The Seltzer Group worked with the carrier on behalf of the client and their employee to retro coverage to the date of birth. This was ultimately accepted by the carrier. As it stands the child is covered, our client maintained a happy and good employee-  and they also avoided liability for failing to report the dependant change.

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