Comprehensive Personal Insurance custom-tailored coverage to address all unique requirements

At The Seltzer Group, we are proud to be much more than the average insurance provider for individuals in Eastern Pennsylvania. We truly care about the people we insure and aim to provide the best possible insurance solutions for each of them. We have designed our personalized approach to serving our individual clients to deliver the utmost in value by finding balance between risk and coverage options. For everything from life insurance to coverage for recreational vehicles, we’re your partner in getting your coverage needs met. To read more about our insurance offers, select from the options below.

From the start, we’ve had a focus on making it easy to get coverage on the things in life that are important to you. Because we know that when those things are kept safe from harm, you don’t have to waste a second worrying about them. That’s why the Seltzer Group is proud to offer several coverage options. From home to business to vacation, the we give you an easy way to keep your way of life covered.

Protecting yourself, your family, your home, and your possessions from risk and liability is key to long-term financial stability. We give you the tools you need to gain complete coverage for every aspect of your life. The Seltzer Group makes finding the right coverage a breeze. Our home insurance offerings give you a way to protect your house from any sort of danger or disaster that might come your way. With our life insurance plans, you can rest assured in your family’s well-being if anything happens to you. For vehicles, our policies let you protect your car so you aren’t left worrying on the road when something goes wrong. Plus, when you’re on vacation, we even offer coverage for any kind of recreational vehicle you might have.

At the Seltzer Group, we do not simply sell you an insurance policy. We become your partner, take time to understand your needs, and then design your coverage to fit your life. As a part of the Keystone Insurers Group, we enjoy enhanced bargaining clout with our insurance providers. This enables us to deliver quality coverage to meet any specific needs at highly-competitive prices.

Find Your Individual Insurance Rate!

Finding the best insurance coverage for your needs shouldn’t be hard. The Seltzer Group is pleased to share our “Find Your Rate” tool with you to help you make informed decisions about your individual insurance. While discussing your needs with us is always the best course of action, our Find Your Rate Tool is a valuable research tool when deciding between policies and policy limits. It gives you the power to have the final say over what kind of policy you receive and what kind of investment you put into that policy. That means that you’ll never end up wasting money on services you don’t need. You’ll only be paying for policies/coverage you actually care about.   FIND YOUR RATE

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