Outsourcing HR- is it right for you?

Owning, running and operating a business isn’t easy. There are so many things to consider as a business starts up and grows. There’s employees and everything that goes along with them. Hiring, firing, pre-employment issues, benefits, payroll and then you have to make sure you’re compliant with OSHA and the employer related laws and Acts. It’s seems like there are more and more issues to deal with and less time to actually focus on the business itself.

For most, hiring a full-time HR department just isn’t an option or necessary. For some, outsourcing human resources may be the answer. Companies that specialize in providing outsourced HR are able to handle all of the above mentioned issues which, frees the business owner to focus on their business and use their time more efficiently.

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The Seltzer Group, located in Eastern Pennsylvania, specializes in developing safety, workers compensation, human resources, claims, and risk financing programs. They are a proud member of the Keystone Insurers Group and are nationally recognized for their expertise in workers compensation solutions. The Seltzer Group serves businesses and individuals locally, regionally, and on the national level.

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