Managing Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Proper training and a safe work environment are two great ways to prevent injuries from occurring, but there are steps to take after an injury occurs to achieve the best possible outcome. Making sure a claim is handled properly is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. From the injured employee, to co-workers, to supervisors and management- everyone has a job to do. By having processes and procedures in place to ensure reports, investigations and follow ups are conducted in a timely manner, the greater level of control the employer will have over the outcome.

There are so many aspects to managing an injury. One example is to make sure the employer is communicating effectively with the medical community handling the injury. It’s a great idea to work with an occupational medical facility for any work related injury. Occupational medical facilities specialize in dealing with workplace injuries and are equipped to help get the injured party back to work. Also, make sure the medical facility is aware of the job the injured party performs and understands the nature of the business.

Another important step of the employer is to stay involved and be available. Make sure the insurance carrier adjustor is paying attention to the claim- work side by side with the adjustor and follow up. Also, the employer needs to be available to the injured employee. Follow up with the employee and show concern for their injury, treatment and wellbeing. This will keep the employer involved and informed as well as also increase employee morale.

Finally, implement a return to work program. An effective return to work program is the first step in getting an injured employee back to work quickly and safely.

All of the steps listed above will help to achieve a lower injury cost and keep the workforce productive.

To learn more about managing workers’ compensation injuries please join the Insurance Journal Academy of Insurance and The Seltzer Group’s Director of WorkComp Claims, Stacey Cheese, for an informative webinar on July 18, 2012 1:30pm (Eastern).

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