Less trust in management

The 2011 Employee Engagement Poll by Maritz Research, found that the American workforce is less engaged with its employers than it was in 2010, despite a slight improvement in business conditions.

Among the findings:

■Just 14% of respondents said they believe their company’s leaders are ethical and honest.

■Only 12% believe their employer genuinely listens to and cares about its employees.

■Ten percent of employees said they trust management to make the right decision in times of uncertainty.

■7% said that senior management’s actions are consistent with their words.

Poor communication, lack of perceived caring, inconsistent behavior and perceptions of favoritism were cited by respondents as the largest contributors to their lack of trust in senior leaders.

It is so important to connect with your workforce and make sure any human resource issues are addressed and handled correctly.

 The institute of WorkComp Professionals October 2011 Newsletter


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