Key Items Checklist for Your Company’s Discipline Policy

The following questions should give you an indication of how comprehensive your company’s discipline policy is.

 Do you have a general discipline policy?

Is it in writing?

Is one person or one department responsible for administering your discipline policy?

Is your discipline policy reviewed annually?

Has your discipline policy been reviewed by counsel?

Do you have stated goals for your discipline policy?

Does your discipline policy meet those goals?

Has the company reserved the discretion to determine what level of discipline is appropriate in any situation, up to and including the immediate termination of employment?

 Do your general work rules cover topics such as:

 – Excessive tardiness and absenteeism?

– Theft?

 – Intoxication?

 – Possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs, or misuse of prescription drugs?

 – Gambling?

 – Fighting or other violence?

 – Insubordination or disrespectful conduct toward supervisor?

 – Falsifying records?

 – Violation of safety rules?

 – Possession of dangerous items?

– Unauthorized use of company equipment?

 – Unauthorized use of company employees?

 – Unauthorized access to records or information?

 – Solicitation?

 – Failure to cooperate with an investigation?

 – Unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information?

 – Violation of the company’s policy on conflicts of interest?

 – Harassment?

 – Discrimination?

 – Violations of applicable law?

 – Preferences?

 – Appearance?

– Uniforms?

 – Rudeness to customers?

 – Rudeness to co-workers?

 – Smoking?

 – Off-duty conduct that affects the company’s business?

 – Negligent or improper conduct that leads to the destruction of company property?

 – Violation of company policy?

 – Working unauthorized overtime?

 -Unsatisfactory job performance?

  Have you reviewed your discipline policies with regard to your employment-at-will policy?

 Have you reviewed or audited employee discipline practices to make sure the policy is being enforced in a fair and consistent manner?

 Do you maintain written records of discipline?

 Do you require supervisors to inform employees of any information that is placed in their personnel file?

 Are you consistent in applying your rules?

 Is there a method for making exceptions to your rules?

 Are your rules stated as general guidelines that can be varied depending on the surrounding facts? 

Are your discipline rules coordinated with your policy concerning:

–         Grievance system?

–         Open-door policy?

–         Arbitration?

–         Mediation?

–         Discharge?

–         Rehire?

–        Leave of absence?

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