Holiday Stress

With Christmas only a day away and weeks of holiday parties, shopping, cooking and traveling already behind us, many people are feeling stressed. Here are some tips to (try) to stay calm during the stressful parts of the holidays!

–         Plan extra time for delays or other issues. Due to weather, unforeseen circumstances, traffic, etc. you may be a bit behind schedule. If extra time is factored into holiday events, the tendency to be feel pressured and rushed won’t be as high.

–         Carry a book to read. Make the most out of what free time you do have. Reading might take your mind off all the things you “need to get done” and give you a much needed break, even if it’s only for a short time.

–         Take a walk. Exercise and physical activity, such as walking, is a well known stress reliever. Don’t neglect your physical well being during the holidays.

–         Make time for yourself and something you really enjoy doing.

–         Take a break! Close your eyes and relax for three minutes. Taking a short break will give you time to calm down and put stressful situations into perspective.

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Holiday Stress was last modified: August 26th, 2014 by Sarah McGorry