Healthy New Year’s Tips

2011 is just days away and with that comes New Year’s Resolutions. Many people make resolutions to lose weight, get in  shape and get healthier. If these are your goals, why start off on the wrong foot by going overboard at a New Year’s Eve Party?

 Here are some tips for bringing in the New Year, with out over indulging:

–         Eat a healthy meal before you go to the party. If you feel full the less likely you are to overeat on unhealthy snacks with empty calories.

–         Don’t skip your workout. The holidays are a busy time, but that isn’t an excuse to neglect the workout schedule you already have.

–         Limit alcohol intake.

–         Don’t stand next to the food stations. Put some on a small plate and move to another area.

–         Remember portion control. It may be more difficult with finger food to judge when you’ve reached a serving, but keep it in mind.

–         Pay attention to your body. If you feel full, stop eating! Don’t continue to pick at snacks “just because it’s there.”

 Here’s to a healthy New Year!

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