Health Tip: Packed Lunches

There are alot of good reasons to  pack your own lunch or your kids’ lunches. It’s a great way to have more control over your nutrition and your wallet, but did you know the way you pack your lunch could make you sick. Check out the following information from the Keystone Insurers Group newsletter.

Most people who pack lunches don’t have access to a fridge during the day, so their food sits unrefrigerated all morning. Perishable foods can warm to unsafe temperatures during that time, even if you’re using an insulated lunch bag or ice packs. Warmer temperatures allow bacteria to breed, which could cause upset stomachs or even food borne illness.

These tips will help you avoid un-safe lunches:

–         If you’re using an insulated lunch bag, put it in the freezer overnight so that it’s cooler to start off with in the morning.

–         When using icepacks to cool your lunch, use two and put one on either side of perishable foods. If using a paper bad, double-bag it.

–         Pack foods that don’t require refrigeration instead of perishable food, such as a peanut butter sandwich instead of deli meat or an apple instead of melon.

–         Freeze sandwiches overnight to help them stay cold.

–         Foods found on a shelf at the store such as applesauce or fruit cups are generally also safe for an un-chilled lunch bag.

–         Pack only the amount of food that will be eaten to avoid leftovers that will sit out the rest of the day.

–         When preparing your lunches, always wash your hand thoroughly before beginning and prepare it on a clean surface.

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Health Tip: Packed Lunches was last modified: August 26th, 2014 by Sarah McGorry