Distracted Drivers

 Distracted drivers can cause car crashes which result in property damage, injury and often death. Please read the following statistics on the use of cell phones while driving and encourage your friends, family, employees, etc. to drive safely and undistracted.

  1. Every year 6,000 people die in car crashes caused by distracted drivers, mostly from the use of cell phones.
  2. It has been estimated the there is a crash every 26 seconds caused by a driver using their cell phone or texting. (National Safety Council: cell phone crash estimate model)
  3.  An estimated 28% of crashes (1.6 million) in 2008 can be attributed to handheld and hands-free cell phone use and texting while driving. (National Safety Council)
  4. Distracted drivers are more likely to: change lanes suddenly, fail to stop, disregard the speed limit, and run red lights.

 Though it is difficult to obtain hard evidence about the correlation between crashes and cell phone use (mostly because it’s contingent upon those involved in the crash offering that information) having this distraction while driving significantly increases your risk of causing an accident.

 Drive Safe!

 Sources: National Safety Council

               Lehigh Valley Health Network

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