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When it comes to keeping your workers safe, workers’ compensation is something that should never be overlooked. It’s something every business should have in place in the event of worker injury or death. No matter what kind of industry you work in, remove the liability risk of an injured employee with workers’ comp plans from the Seltzer Group. We help protect you and your employees from all manner of things that could go wrong. Workers’ comp is a valuable tool if your employees are hurt as a result of an accident directly related to the kind of job they’re doing.

Using our workers’ comp programs lets you have a plan in place in advance of employee harm or death. It helps your employee have a means to have the time they need to recover without giving up their job. It also helps your company avoid the legal fallout that could come from not having a safety net in place. Workers’ comp options from the Seltzer Group makes working in any industry less stressful. This will show your employees that you have their best interests at heart, boosting their job satisfaction and putting their minds at ease.

The Seltzer Group delivers unmatched value in business workers comp insurance to companies in Pennsylvania and the East Coast. Our team is also proud to provide full workers’ comp program consultations, training, and expert claims administration. It is important to ensure you have the proper plans and policies in place in the event one of your staff members is injured on the job. So rely on the Seltzer Group to establish and maintain the ideal work environment for your company.

Our workers compensation services are not simply pre-designed policies, they are fully-customizable processes and services which include:

  • Claims Prevention
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Claims Administration
  • Audits
  • Stay-at-Work Programs
  • Hiring Process Consulting
  • And Much More

Accidents in the workplace are sometimes unavoidable, but with workers compensation insurance and services through the Seltzer Group, your business and your staff will be properly protected when they do happen. Rely on our expertise and experience for custom-tailored solutions to all of your issues surrounding your company’s workers compensation insurance, programs, and procedures.

We don’t think that workers’ comp plans should be confusing to you or to your staff. That’s why our agents work with you. We make sure every aspect of your workers’ comp plan is communicated throughout the hiring and employment process. We’ll make it easy for both you and your employees understand what’s at stake and what happens if an accident occurs. In addition, we’ll make sure that you know what happens if your employees suffer any accidents during their time at your company. That means that everyone is on the same page. Plus, it helps your employees know that they’re safe if anything happens to them, boosting morale and improving job satisfaction.

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