Business Auto Insurance The Custom Coverage Your Company Needs to be Confident on the Road

You rely on your business vehicles, so you need to know that you’re covered if anything goes wrong. You need to know your insurance company has your best interests at heart and can help stop a minor drama from turning into a full-blown crisis.

The Seltzer Group started in 1948, with a personal service in East Pennsylvania. Now we provide business auto insurance to the entire East coast, but we never lost sight of the customer service that set us apart. We don’t believe in cookie cutter auto insurance policies and will tailor a quote that works for you. So we can help you protect the things that matter to you with bespoke insurance that is tailored to your needs, instead of a bloated policy that wastes money.

Experienced and Reliable Business Auto Coverage

The Seltzer Group has more than 65 years of experience. When it comes to your business auto insurance, you know you’re dealing with established experts and a safe pair of hands. We’re proud to offer coverage for businesses of all sizes. The Seltzer Group will serve a contractor with a pick-up truck and you need coverage to get to local clients or a multinational company with a fleet of trucks rolling out the door every day. No matter what size your company might be, the Seltzer Group is here to help.

Customizable Policies that Grow with You

You can change your policy at any time. This allows your company to remain agile and lets your auto insurance policy grow with your business. You can keep your costs low and your coverage high. That way you can sleep easy knowing that your business vehicles are fully insured. The Seltzer Group can go beyond simple coverage when your van, trucks or buses are on the road. We can give you peace of mind when it comes to your equipment, your legal fees, and custom collision insurance. You decide the level of coverage, and we’ll create the business insurance policy that suits your needs. We can cover you for personal liability claims for injuries to other drivers, damage to other people’s property, and we can even provide you with a policy that covers you in case you’re hit by an uninsured or underinsured vehicle.

Courtesy Vehicles Could Save Your Business

It’s also important that you protect your livelihood. We can provide a policy that covers you in case you are injured and need time off work. Our company can also provide you with a replacement vehicle. This can prevent you from losing additional time from work.

The Seltzer Group is a proud member of the Keystone Insurers Group, which brings together independent insurers like us to give you the best possible service. Our network means we’re there to help, wherever you are. Give us a call and see how we can help drive your company forward with the best business auto insurance policy for you.

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