Boating Safety

Summer is in full swing and for a lot of people that means summer water activities such as boating. It’s important to keep safety in mind whenever you’re using a watercraft.

Here are a few tips to safe boating:

–         Know the local weather conditions before you go. If the forecast doesn’t look good, don’t go on the water and if you notice dark clouds, strong winds and temperature drops- get off the water.

–         Make sure you have enough fuel for your entire trip.

–         Make a plan and let someone else know where you’re going to be and for how long.

–         Make sure you have a Coast Guard Approved working fire extinguisher and warning flares.

–         Do not operate a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

–         Make sure you have the right personal floatation device- In Pennsylvania all children 12 years and under must wear a life jacket on any boat 20 feet or less and on all canoes and kayaks.

 For more information about Pennsylvania Boating Laws visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

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