About the Seltzer Group

The Seltzer Group was founded in 1948 by Robert W. Seltzer Sr. in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. Since then, many things about our company have changed, but our mission has remained the same: to provide excellent insurance and related services to individuals, institutions, and businesses. We are proud to have become a different kind of insurance agency. We’re one which changes the way people view and buy insurance by building a custom and complete approach to providing the most value. No matter what you want to get covered, our experts give you an easy way to take care of it in a way that fits your needs and your budget. We know that keeping what’s important to you protected brings peace-of-mind. At the end of that day, that’s our main goal.

Here at the Seltzer Group, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming true problem solvers for all of our clients. For individuals, we have been delivering value in home, auto, life, and recreational vehicle insurance, in addition to individual financial and retirement planning, for more than 65 years. We care about our clients, no matter their needs. That’s why we strive every day to give you the best service possible. Our philosophy is not about simply pushing the lowest-priced policies to our customers as fast as possible. Instead, we take the time to learn our customers’ needs. We then strive to balance risk, coverage, and value. It’s all focused on finding the ideal, long-term solutions to each unique issue our clients face.

For businesses in Pennsylvania, we provide a wide array of services. These include a complete range of business insurance policies, risk management, an employee wellness service, human resources, safety, employee benefits. We also help with business succession and retirement planning, and workers’ comp administration programs. We are here to help you protect your business’s future by addressing all of your needs. Make us your partner for risk mitigation, hiring strategy consultations, loss control, and much more.

A Keystone Insurers Group Agency

At the Seltzer Group, we value the strength that comes in numbers. That’s why we are pleased to speak for various local and national insurance carriers thanks to our longstanding alliance with Keystone Insurers Group — the fifth largest independent association of insurance agencies in the country. Keystone is also the second largest independent brokerage company in the U.S. Keystone Insurers Group had its start in 1997 when a group of separate agencies sought to combine their resources to create a web of support and expertise among agents. This exclusive association has now grown across 11 states. It offers a wide variety of industry programs that provide unique benefits to its agents and their clients.

Keystone Insurers GroupBeing a part of this group gives us much broader reach. It also allows our agents to support our clients in a way we otherwise couldn’t. That lends us a premier level of bargaining clout with our carriers. Our partnership with Keystone also gives us prime access to carriers, allows us to work with our web of Keystone agents to provide solutions for our clients, and enables to have our own underwriting facility. We pass these benefits onto you with the ability to offer complete and flexible coverage options at reasonable prices. That being said, we never sell our policies and programs based on price or turnaround time. We believe that it is not responsible to leave any client with gaps in coverage which expose them to risk. Our plans provide complete coverage so that you won’t have to worry about what isn’t protected. This makes the Seltzer Group your ideal partner for the safety and longevity of your family and your business, regardless of the scope of your unique needs.

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