6 Ways Agents Fail Their Workers’ Comp Customers

Workers Compensation is a complex and confusing system and it pays to have a trained professional by your side when it comes to your company’s program. Make sure your company is getting what it need and deserves from your agent.

 Here are 6 Ways Agents Fail Their Workers’ Comp Customers: 

  1. Agents blindly copying other agents’ work.- Think of this as taking over as manager of a baseball team and doing nothing more than copying the old managers lineup. Make sure your agent took the time to understand your business and any updates and changes you may have implemented. If you’ve recently switched agents, make sure they’ve taken the time to do more than just copy your previous agent’s work.
  2. Agents who ignore valuation dates.- This is a good time for agents to keep track of their clients’ facts and figures.
  3. Agents who don’t get involved in the premium audit from the beginning.- Agents should get involved in the process before the auditor shows up.
  4. Agents who let insurance companies handle 100% of the claims.- By not getting involved the agent is pushing all responsibility to the insurance company, a third-party that the employer has no direct relationship with.
  5. Agents not educating the Human Resources Department. – Agents who build a positive relationship with HR personnel are doing everyone a favor. Most HR departments are under staffed and in some companies, the person with HR responsibilities was “assigned” the job without training. Unintentionally, it’s easy to “hire” a workers’ compensation claim.
  6. Agents not helping clients make more money.

Source: Kevin Ring, The Institute of Work Comp Professionals    

The Institute of WorkComp Professionals trains Advisors to know the entire Workers’ Comp system. To learn more about the Institute call 828-274-0959 or check them out online.

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